Din I

Our inaugural event took place on the evening of October 7, 2017, in the form of two performances at Arraymusic in Toronto.  The programme included two works by Sophie Dupuis (including one premiere), and two works by Quinn Jacobs (both premieres).
The shows featured Ten performers telling stories of spirits and ghosts, recounting mystical visions of the future, and reminiscing about the past, Guiding our back-to-back full audiences throuh an expansive multisensory wilderness.  Many thanks to the Socan Foundation for their generous support of this event!
1. Visions I (2017)- Quinn Jacobs
2. Poveglia (2016) - Sophie Dupuis
3. Known Territories (2017) - by Sophie Dupuis, choreographed by Brianna Clarke and Margaux Labossière
4. Genesis Lumina (2017) - by Quinn Jacobs, choreographed by Angela Blumberg
quinn jacobs - Art. Dir./ composer/ Performer
sophie dupuis - Organizer/ Composer
john maize - producer
angela blumberg - choreographer/ dancer
Brianna Clarke - CHOREOGRAPHer/ DANCEr
Margaux Labossière - Choreographer/ Dancer
Victor Alibert - CLARINET
David Dias da Silva - CLARINET
Émilie Fortin - TRUMPET
evan lamberton - cello
Erinn Acland - Poster & Programme Artist
Kelley Mitchell - Videographer
Rajen Mistry - Lighting Tech
August Murphy-King - Sound Tech
Kris Magnuson - Stage Hand/ FOH
Roydon Tse - Stage Hand/ FOH