Din IV

Our fourth event was presented by the Music Gallery's Emergents series on May 3rd 2019 at 918 Bathurst in Toronto. The show featured new multidisciplinary creations by Angela Blumberg, Quinn Jacobs, Domenic Jarlkaganova, Ming-Bo Lam, and Julia Mermelstein, written for dance, percussion (including two marimbas), violin, and electronics. The four new works on the programme were presented alongside reimagined classics Glass Houses (1981) and Rivers (1979) by Ann Southam and Living Room Music (1940) by John Cage.
Following in the tradition of past Emergents Series shows, this event was a double bill. Toronto-based visual arts collective SPAMCARTS (Alesha Aquino, Amy Jefferys, and Jennifer Ramses) accompanied Din, exhibiting their work in the art gallery adjacent to the performance space at 918 Bathurst throughout the evening.
Overall, the event was a resounding success, with over 100 guests in attendance and more than enough captivating art to go around!
1. Selections from Glass Houses (1981) and Rivers (1979) - by Ann Southam, choreographed by Ming-Bo Lam in collaboration with Serena Finlayson and Brianna Salmon
2. Last Song (2019) - by Angela Blumberg, music by Domenic Jarlkaganova
3. Outside Inside (2019) - Quinn Jacobs
4. Living Room Music (1940) - John Cage
5. out of grains, within clouds (2019) - by Julia Mermelstein, choreographed by Angela Blumberg
Angela Blumberg - Choreographer/ Dancer
Serena Finlayson - Choreographer/ Dancer
Greg Harrison - Percussion
Quinn Jacobs - Art.Dir./ Composer/ Actor
Domenic Jarlkaganova - Composer
Ming-Bo Lam - Choreographer/ Dancer
Matthias McIntire - Violin
Julia Mermelstein - Composer
Louis Pino - Percussion
Brianna Salmon - Choreographer/ Dancer
Jonny Smith - Percussion
Alesha Aquino - Visual Artist
Sara Constant - Emergents Series Curator
David Dacks - Music Gallery Artistic Director
Claire Harvie - Photographer
Amy Jefferys - Visual Artist
Justin Moy - Videographer
Jennifer Ramses - Visual Artist


Many thanks to The Music Gallery, Roger D. Moore, and The Underground Dance Centre for their generous support of this event!