*Unfortunately our two shows planned for March and June 2020 have been postponed due to COVID-19. They will happen at some point!  Stay safe, everyone.
Din x D'Arcy Symposium (originally scheduled for March 28, 2020)
Din teams up with multi-arts event presenter D'Arcy Symposium to put on a 70-minute immersive performance installation within the context of a larger visual art exhibit.  Taking place in six spaces around the venue simultaneously, the show features video projection, live and pre-recorded narration, 4 dancers, and 7 musicians.
Din of Shadows VI: Mortal Chorus (originally scheduled for June 20, 2020)
Din and The Music Gallery co-present Din's sixth instalment, a show focusing on the human voice in its many forms.  Featuring movement, music, and text by Angela Blumberg, Matt Curlee, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Quinn Jacobs, Cecilia Livingston, and Julia Mermelstein.

The Company

Din of Shadows is a Toronto-based experimental music theatre company focused on works made of sound and movement.  We are a collection of creators and performers from the worlds of music, dance, and theatre dedicated to the development and production of genre-bending works by Canadian artists.
Founded in 2017 by composer/ performer Quinn Jacobs, the company has worked with 51 artists and technical personnel across our first three seasons.