The Company

Din of Shadows is an experimental music theatre company focused on works inhabiting the space between sound and movement.  We are a collection of creators and performers from the worlds of music, dance, and theatre dedicated to the development and production of genre-bending works by Canadian artists.  Founded in 2017 by composer/ performer Quinn Jacobs, the company serves contemporary audiences in Toronto and beyond.


March 8: Din of Shadows III

Taking the form of two back-to-back shows at Arraymusic in Toronto, this event will present new works by Andrew Noseworthy, Cheldon Paterson, and QUinn Jacobs. Pieces will use scorching sounds from bari sax, trumpet, electric guitar, Turntable, and other explosive instruments to cook Music theatre with rock, metal, and hip-hop until the fire alarms go off. More info here.

May 3: Emergents Presents Din of Shadows

The Music Gallery‘s Emergents Series, curated by Sara Constant, presents our fourth show at 918 Bathurst in Toronto. Featuring new music and choreography by Angela Blumberg, Quinn Jacobs, Domenic Jarlkaganova, Ming-Bo Lam, and Julia Mermelstein as well as classic works by Ann Southam and John Cage. Din is presented at this event alongside Toronto-based visual artists Alesha Aquino, Amy Jefferys, and Jennifer Ramses. More info here.