Din of Shadows x D'Arcy Symposium (originally scheduled for March 28, 2020)
We are pairing up with multi-arts presenter D'Arcy Symposium to present this event, which will take the form of a 70-minute show within a larger art party.
The show itself is a 70-minute work for 7 musicians (4 percussion, 2 vox, guitar), 4 dancers, 4 projectors, voice-over narration, and ambient electronics. It is set up as an immersive performance installation: performances happen in 6 spaces of the venue simultaneously, with no physical barriers between performers and spectators. Audience members can talk, eat, drink, and move around freely throughout the work.
The overall event, presented by D'Arcy Symposium, is an art gallery/ dance party that extends well beyond the show itself. 4 visual artists will be displaying art on the walls of the venue, there will be 2 DJ sets (starting at 9pm), and there will be a bar setup for the entire event. Guests can choose to come after the show ends around 8:45pm (to see visual art, DJs, etc.).
Zuna Amir - Visual Artist
Angela Blumberg - Choreographer/ Dancer
Kendra Epik - Dancer
Ryan Faubert - Videographer
Melissa Hart - Dancer
Quinn Jacobs - Composer/ Guitar/ Percussion
Nikki Joshi - Percussion
Heidi Lorenz - Dancer
Enzo Mazzotta - Visual Artist
Emily Nalangan - Visual Artist
Louis Pino - Percussion
Kate Schroder - Voice
Jonny Smith - Percussion
Anastasia Tarkhanova - Visual Artist
Joyce To - Percussion
Nick Toyne - Voice
Din of Shadows VI: Mortal Chorus (originally scheduled for June 20, 2020)
Our sixth production is an ode to the human voice, a staple of the experimental music theatre world in which we operate.  The show will consist of four works that feature the voice in different forms: singing vs. speaking, live vs. recorded, natural vs. processed. 
The programme includes two premieres: a self-reflective mixed media trio by Angela Blumberg and Julia Mermelstein, and a nomadic sound installation for six performers by Quinn Jacobs.  Alongside these new works are two recent gems of the genre: Cecilia Livingston’s ear-bending quartet Strange Flesh, with new choreography for four dancers by Angela Blumberg, and Matt Curlee’s speaking percussion solo The Yellow Wallpaper, a vastly tactile Victorian declamation based on the short story of the same name by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. More info on The Music Gallery's website.
Erinn Acland - Poster and Programme Art
Amahl Arulanandam - Cello
Angela Blumberg - Choreographer/ Dancer
Matt Curlee - Composer
Ryan Faubert - Photographer
Emilie Gélinas-Noble - Violin/Viola
Quinn Jacobs - Composer/ Performer
Nikki Joshi - Percussion/ Voice
Cecilia Livingston - Composer
Julia Mermelstein - Composer
Markéta Ornova - Piano
Clarisse Tonigussi - Voice