din v: social media miniatures
March 1-31, 2022
din v represented our first foray into the virtual space, presented exclusively on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. This month-long exhibition featured a world premiere every day of the month of March 2022, in the form of 31 audiovisual miniatures by 5 mixed media masters. The show boasted our largest audience to date, with over 5,500 total audience members and 22,000 video views!
7 Works by Angela Blumberg [YouTube Playlist] [Instagram] [TikTok]
8 Works by Nina Boujee [YouTube Playlist] [Instagram] [TikTok]
7 Works by Sara Constant [YouTube Playlist] [Instagram] [TikTok]
5 Works by Ming-Bo Lam [YouTube Playlist] [Instagram] [TikTok]
4 Works by SlowPitchSound [YouTube Playlist] [Instagram] [TikTok]
Din of Shadows IV
May 3, 2019
The Music Gallery
Our fourth event was graciously presented by The Music Gallery's Emergents series, and supported by Roger D. Moore. A pair of mesmerizing marimbas anchored the programme, summoning glimpses of cloud landscapes, utopian structures, pedestrian reality, and bleak underworlds.
1. Selections from Glass Houses (1981) and Rivers (1979) - by Ann Southam, choreographed by Ming-Bo Lam in collaboration with Serena Finlayson and Brianna Salmon [*choreo premiere]
2. Last Song (2019) - by Angela Blumberg, music by Domenic Jarlkaganova [*premiere]
3. Outside Inside (2019) - Quinn Jacobs [*premiere]
4. Living Room Music (1940) - John Cage
5. out of grains, within clouds (2019) - by Julia Mermelstein, choreographed by Angela Blumberg [*premiere]


Din of Shadows III
March 8, 2019
Inspired by the sounds of popular music, our third outing featured electric guitar and bass, drum set, turntable, electronics, and a pair of screaming horns! Our final double-header at Array (for now!).
1. Visual EQ'd (2019) - Cheldon Paterson [*premiere]
2. Invisible Evil (2019) - Quinn Jacobs [*premiere]
3. Ancient Rhymes Unwinding (2018) - Quinn Jacobs
4. Now Lost Text (2019) - by Andrew Noseworthy, text by Bekah Simms [*premiere]


Din of Shadows II
May 5, 2018
Our second show, our second double-header, and a double-bill! Showcasing two extended works for an interdisciplinary ensemble of two dancers, actor, bari sax, viola, piano, percussion, and electronics.
1. Drifting, Vividly (2018) - by Julia Mermelstein, choreographed by Angela Blumberg [*premiere]
2. Anima Sequentia (2018) - by Quinn Jacobs, choreographed by Angela Blumberg [*premiere]


Din of Shadows I
October 7, 2017
Din of Shadows is born! Presented twice in the same night, our first show doubled down on Din's ominous origins with works about holy journeys, unholy realms, altered memories, and eerie premonitions.
1. Visions I (2017) - Quinn Jacobs [*premiere]
2. Poveglia (2016) - Sophie Dupuis
3. Known Territories (2017) - by Sophie Dupuis, choreographed by Brianna Clarke and Margaux Labossière [*premiere]
4. Genesis Lumina (2017) - by Quinn Jacobs, choreographed by Angela Blumberg [*premiere]